Name: BheJei's Against the Wind
Breed:  Maltese
Color: WhBlkPts 
Sex: F
Born: 2-15-1998
Reg.#  TP083951/02
10 Gen IC: 9.01949
Bred by: Bobbie Linden 
Owned by: Bobbie Linden 
Bhe-Jei's Luv Conquers All, 02-23-1997, WhBlkPts, TN866421/01, IC= 5.05003   CH Marcris The Great Uprising, 01-18-1995, WhBlkPts, TN186642/01   CH Marcris The Great Pretender, 04-11-1993, WhBlkPts, TM961956/01 (8-94)   CH Mike-Mar's Break Dancer
Marcris Lolly's Nicolette
Richelieu Marshmallow Pzazz, 01-27-1988, WhBlkPts, TC884637 (1-90)   CH Marcris Marshmallow (ROM)
Marcris Tapioca
Bhe-Jei's Anything But Luv, 07-13-1990, WhBlkPts, TM605838/03   CH Melodylane Just A Little Luv, 09-30-1988, White,Blk Points, TD094043   CH Melodylane Keep Th'Change Luv,
CH Melodylane Dear Abby Luv  
Hallmark's Sparklin Starfire, 05-08-1987, WhBlkPts, TC779410 (8-89)   CH C & M's Brutus Maximus (ROM)
Hallmark's Sweet Gypsy Bows
Bhe-Jei M'Lane Unforgettable, 05-25-1994, WhBlkPts, TN142851/01, IC= 11.42958   CH Two Be's Sugar Frosted (ROM elig), 10-30-1990, WhBlkPts, TM682510/01   CH Marcris Marshmallow Showoff (ROM), 04-23-1984, WhBlkPts, TC282795 (8-86)   CH Marcris Marshmallow (ROM)
Marcris She's A Pushover (ROM)  
CH Two Be's Hooked On Sugar, 09-30-1987, WhBlkPts, TC901943 (9-91)   CH Bar None Electric Horseman (ROM)
CH Two Be's Sparkle Plenty
CH Melodylane Somewhere My Luv, 02-20-1990, White,Blk Points, TM606747/01   BIS CH Melodylane Little Bit Of Luv (ROM elig),   CH Gayla Joanchens Muskrat Luv (ROM elig)
Melodylane Over Easy Luv
CH Melodylane Say No More Luv,   CH Gayla Joanchens Muskrat Luv (ROM elig 
Melodylane Real Promise Luv,  


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